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Plot Synopsis: Join The schemers and dreamers on the seafront, as another summer season begins. Amongst the paint peeling kiosks on the prom, Ella arrives like an erotic whirlwind, hellbent on securing the elusive jackpot.

Original Production Details
September 1998
Venue: Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Director: Anthony Clark
Designer: Patrick Connellan

Ruby Alison Lintott
Edwin Michael Mears
Ben Robin Pirongs
Ella Jody Watson
Dean Zoot Lynam


In 2018 Boundless Theatre produced a Twentieth Anniversary revival at the Southwark Playhouse.

Date: May 2008
Venue: Southwark Playhouse
Director: Rob Drummer
Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

Ruby Anna Crichlow
Edwin Lace Akpojaro
Ben Rhys Yates
Ella Tanya Burr
Dean Will Prattle

The Ballad of a Thin Man
(Based on The Pardoner's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer)

Six hundred years ago, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote English literature's first thriller: The Pardoner's Tale. In Chaucer's story, three young friends attempt to defy Death, but instead of striking them down for their insolence, the Grim Reaper leads them to a pot of gold....

Plot Synopsis

The action centres around the lives of three young people who live, work and play at a ramshakle farmhouse converted into a sound studio. From this isolated base Ian, Carrie, and Jade indulge their dreams of fame and fortune: Until their lives are disrupted by the arrival of McClaine, a rock musician who claims to have worked with all the great names of the sixties. Although the reason for McClaine's visit appears entirely innocent, it is not long before his presence begins to affect the entire household.

Original Production Details
February 2000
Venue: Channel Theatre Company Spring Tour
Director: Philip Dart
Set and Costume design: Phil Newman
Lighting Design and Stage Manager: Marc Stimpson

Jade Erica Rogers
Ian Stuart H. Lang
Carrie Annabel Cleare
McClaine Sean Buckley


A new production of this play was produced at Ropetackle Centre, Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, from May 21st - 23rd 2009.

Director - Kirrie Wratten
Film-maker - Ruth Torjussen.

Jade Miranda Morris
Ian Ashley Veit
Carrie Tracy Forsythe
McClaine Tom Robinson

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