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Stage Plays (Page 5)

To Blusher with Love.

Plot Synopsis: A pop singer disappears in mysterious circumstances. The police have only one clue - a blood stained T-shirt belonging to a 15 year old girl fan. The interrogation of the fan, Abbie, is intercut with flashback scenes from her one-sided affair with her idol. More of a who-done-what than a whodunnit ?

Original Production Details
September 1997
Venue: The Man In The Moon/Worthing Ritz
Director: Philip Dart
Designer: Sadie Mallett

Troy Tony Casement
Abbie Debbie Eden
Hannon Penelope Freeman
Man In The Moon
Troy Steven Madison
Abbie Debbie Eden
Hannon Penelope Freeman


Pig in the Middle.

Plot Synopsis: Set in the near future, "Pig in the Middle" explores the moral, ethical, and medical minefield of animal to human transplants.

"In writing PIG IN THE MIDDLE, I’ve tried to show how the issue of animal to human transplants will affect real people. The decisions that Ryan and Gemma have to make are ones that anyone of us may have to face in the near future."

Judy’s offbeat teenage love story tells the story of sixth former Gemma and sixteen year old Ryan. They meet at the renal unit whilst undergoing dialysis.

Despite their differences (Ryan is mad keen on football and clubbing, while Gemma would rather spend her free time helping out at the local animal sanctuary and sabotaging fox hunts) romance blossoms. Until that is, Ryan is offered the opportunity to be one of the first patients to benefit from a new treatment, a kidney from a pig.

Suddenly Ryan is caught between his own desire to get back into the youth football team, his mothers fears over the risks involved in the new treatment, his doctors reassurances and warnings that he might have to wait a very long time for a human kidney, and Gemma's opposition to any new treatment involving the use of animals.

Gemma and her friends stage a demonstration outside the hospital, she asks Ryan to refuse the transplant and join her on the protest……………..

Original Production Details
February - May 1998
Venue: Y Touring, Schools tour and the House of Commons
Director: Nigel Townsend
Designer: Annabel Lee

Gemma Elisa de Grey
Dr Mayhew Carmen Wilson
Ryan Iddo Goldberg
Sally Nicola Goodchild
Presenter Debra Cougill


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