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Stage Plays (Page 8)

Sliding With Suzanne.

Plot Synopsis: " I woke up... looked at you lying there next to me. And I saw my son."

Thirty five and on the slide, Suzanne does a runner back home to Brighton in search of a new start. But home is a place where big breaks are scarce. And kids grow up - fast. So how do you find what you want in a place like this? And who do you find it with?

From the award-winning author of Ashes and Sand, Sliding with Suzanne is the powerful and bitterly humorous story of a single foster mum who tries to turn her life around.

Original Production Details
August - September 2001
Venue: Royal Court Theatre
Max Stafford-Clark
Julian McGowan
Johanna Town
Paul Arditti

Josh Danny Worters
Luka Bryan Dick
Theresa June Watson
Suzanne Monica Dolan
Ned Roger Frost
Sophie Loo Brealey


Hotmail from Helsinki.

Plot Synopsis: Running away from home, hiding in the hold of a cargo ship, we meet two young people, Lucy and Cesir. They come from different countries, have run away for different reasons, and have different goals in life - and yet they become very close friends. 

There is a lot of unfairness and violence in both their personal circumstances, only the degree varies. Both need a refuge, and both create one for themselves: Cesir invents a fantasy world of cool things he has seen and done, and Lucy has her internet pal Benja to share her thoughts with via email. However, these worlds are not real, and can be as dangerous as they can be fun.

Original Production Details
Autumn 2001 - Spring 2002
Vienna English Theatre - Tour
Philip Dart

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