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This site consists of a chronological list of Judy's stage and radio plays, along with publications, and anything else she might have been up to (within limits). If you are interested in producing one of Judy's plays, check out the "details for theatres/productions" page.

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Details on Judy's latest novels - Sniff Them Out, Brownlow and Brownlow Checks In.

Also check out the Lockdown Tales page.



Everlasting Rose/Ashes and Sand

Temple/The Shorewatchers' House

Bruises/Stealing Souls

Sunspots/People on the River

To Blusher with Love/Pig in the Middle

The Girlz/Know Your Rights

Confidence/The Ballad of a Thin Man

Sliding with Suzanne/Hotmail From Helsinki
Team Spirit/Grandma was a Mermaid - Plays for Youth Theatre.
Echoes and Shadows/Making Waves
Gaby goes Global
Durham Mysteries 2010
Cabaret on a Sinking Ship
Festivals 2008 - Three short plays - Mary Leonti, Undone, and Push the Button
Miscellaneous Plays - Short plays, rehearsed readings, and misc. theatre work (2005-16)

Details for theatres/productions - A summary of useful information.

The Review Pages.

 The critical response to Judy's plays, illustrated with production photos.

[Everlasting Rose] [Ashes and Sand] [Temple] [The Shorewatchers' House] [Bruises] [Stealing Souls] [Sunspots] [People on the River] [To Blusher with Love] [The Girlz] [Know Your Rights] [Confidence] [The Ballad of a Thin Man] [Sliding with Suzanne]


Ashes and Sand - the movie. (2002). Full length adaptation of the award winning play.
My Imprisoned Heart (2007) - A fifty minute film - Cobravision winner.
Exposed (2009) - A ten minute film for the Film Council/Screen South's Digital Shorts.
Milk - A short black comedy.

TV, Radio and Podcasts.

Radio and TV Drama - Plays aired on Radio 4 and TV
Podcasts - Radio drama online.
Lockdown Tales - a series of monologues, short plays and stories, featuring people living under the lockdown.

Novels, other Publications and Short Fiction.


Novels and publications - Details of Judy's novels, and books featuring her work. (plays and short stories).
Sniff Them Out, Brownlow and Brownlow Checks In - Details and illustrations for these two novels.
Short Story - The Pearl Necklace.
Short Story - My Loving Blood.

Media Galleries.

(or stuff we couldn't fit in anywhere else).

Ashes and Sand - B&W photos from The Royal Court production in 1994.

Ashes and Sand (2) - Photos from the Half Moon Theatre production in Tokyo in 2002
Ashes and Sand (3) - Photos from the film production.
Cabaret on a Sinking Ship - Photos from the production in Brighton in 2009
Dickens Got Talent - Pictures from the Circus of Light show at Dickens World.

Everlasting Rose - A cool B&W cast photo from the 1998 revival.

Gaby goes Global - Photos from the New Wimbledon Theatre production (copyright Trish Gant)

The Shorewatchers' House - a couple of photos of The Red Room cast.

Temple - A couple of photos from the Orange Tree production.

Team Spirit - Photos from the production by Orwell High School.

Other Work.

The Horses of Crossness - A short documentary
Photographs - A small selection from one of Judy's hobbies.


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