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Stage Plays (Page 1)

Everlasting Rose.

Plot Synopsis: Terrified of ageing, a caravan casanova changes wives every decade, until a woman of the 90's challenges his delusory routine.

Original Production Details.
Date: 1992
Venue: Old Red Lion, Islington
Director: Dee Hart
Designer: Naomi Wilkinson

Carney Charlie Grima
Tricia Debbie Radcliffe
Nym Jonathan Hansler


Ashes and Sand.

Plot Synopsis: Hayley's gang of teenage riot girls are on a lust-or-bust rampage in their tired seaside town. Enter a young, hands-on policeman, Daniel, who owns a room full of women's shoes.

Daniel and Hayley share a desire for danger, sexual release and the need to fulfil their dreams. How will they solve the confusion between lust and love, violence and tenderness in this cynical world?

Original Production Details.
Date: December 1994
Venue: Theatre Upstairs, The Royal Court
Director: Ian Rickson
Designer: Jeremy Herbert

Glyn Richard Albrecht
Lauren Rakie Ayola
Hayley Susan Lynch
Anna Samantha Morton
Man 1&2/Psychologist/Store Detective Michael Packer
Daniel Nick Reding
Jo Melissa Wilson


A new production of Ashes and Sand was staged by RADA for their Autumn 2011 season, between 24th November and 3rd December

Production Details.
Date: December 2011
Venue: RADA
Jonathan Moore
Neil Irish
Lighting Designer: Ben Donoghue
Sound Designer: Samuel Brazier
Fight Director: Bret Yount
Movement Coach: Katya Benjamin
Vocal Coach: Robert Price
Dialect Coach: Helen Ashton

Hayley Scarlett Brookes
Lauren Maureen O'Connell
Anna Rochenda Sandall
Jo Sandra Reid
Young Man, Doctor, Store detective, Psychologist, Man Henry Anthony
Daniel Charlie Archer
Glyn Jack Parry-Jones

Judy's most famous play returned to Brighton in 2012 ...

Tuesday 6th November-Saturday 10th November 2012 (5 nights) at Brighton Little Theatre.
Directed by: Ella Thompson

Synopsis:- Set in Brighton, a tale of a teenage girl gang led by 15year-old gang leader Hayley who attack solitary men on the seafront and rob them. Daniel, a young police sergeant, who the girls all fancy, especially Hayley, who is infatuated with him to the point of obsession, is determined to put a stop to their activities. Hayley is equally determined to stalk and seduce Daniel, to the dismay of his partner, and whisk him and the gang to Bali on the proceeds of their robberies.

Hayley Harriet Powell-Corbett
Lauren Chelsea Love
Anna Justine Martin
Jo Emma Hutton
Daniel Joseph Bentley
Glyn Steven Adams
Doctor/Man/Young Man Neil Turk
Psychologist/Store Detective Mattew Cullen


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