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Stage Plays (Page 2)


Plot Synopsis: Temple thinks there are a lot of things wrong with his family - except his beloved sister. But she's mysteriously disappeared leaving him to step into her shoes. And to take care of her teenage daughter, Kelly.

Original Production Details
April 1995
Venue: The Room, Richmond Orange Tree
Director: Sophie Boyack
Designer: Jane Harwood

Temple Colin R. Campbell
Laura Amanda Crossley
Kelly Lisa D'Agostino
Joe Steven Payne
Dancer Victoria Buttress
Dancer Susannah Coleman


The Shorewatchers' House.

Plot Synopsis: The Shorewatchers' House is a violent and passionate love story set by the sea. A nuclear power station looms on the horizon. Three lovers obsessed by fear of destruction play out their fantasies of breaking free.

Original Production Details
October 1995
Venue:The Red Room, Kentish Town
Director: Lisa Goldman
Designer:Annabel Shapiro

Brigida Harriet Keevil
Nik Mark Montgomerie
Conrad Michael Tomlinson
Malenka Sarah Toogood


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