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Plot Synopsis: Pola lives in a disused amusement arcade and gets her kicks tagging railways and stealing soap bars from one-night stands. Aimee, who always did the right thing, plans to settle down with Sam in Cyprus. But Sam has collapsed and the ambulance is strangely absent...

Original Production Details
May 1996
Venue: The Red Room (transferred to Battersea Arts Centre)
Director: Lisa Goldman
Designer: Annabel Shapiro

Pola Raquel Cassidy
Sam Robert Calvert
Aimee Sarah Theresa Belcher
Jake Jake Nightingale


People On The River.

Plot Synopsis: Louise and Nicky meet for the first time on The Marina Walker TV Talk Show, where Nicky gets to perform his new single, "Hit and Run". It could have been under happier circumstances..... Nicky had previously killed Louise's husband in a road accident. What more could a publicist ask for ?

Original Production Details
June 1997
Venue: The Red Room at the Finborough
Director: Lisa Goldman
Designer: Alastair Galbraith

Phil Benedict Martin
Louise Kate Wilton
Marina Kate Elizabeth Ricketts
Nick Daniel Harcourt
Evan Tom Bushe
Elsa Jackie Everett
Singing Telegram etc Elaine Pyke
David/Greg/Guido etc David Eastman
Roslyn Christina Greatrex


A new production was staged Thursday May 28th - Saturday June 6th 2009 at The Albany, Douglas Way Deptford. Production by The Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts.

"Welcome to the Marina Walker Talk Show, where today's guests are Louise, who sadly lost her husband in a car accident, and musician Nicky who was responsible for that tragic event. It is the first time they have met and today, in front of millions of viewers, they will have an opportunity to talk about how they have coped with this awful tragedy - oh yes, and Nicky will be singing his debut single Hit and Run".

Needless to say, hovering in the background is a PR guru, Roslyn, ready to exploit every second in the spotlight.

Director: Tim Roseman

Designer: Catherine Baines*
Lighting Designer: Jo Humphries*
Sound Designer: Natalie Walker*
(*Final Year Technical Theatre Students)

Nichole Bird
Ellie Burrow
Tobias Deacon
Stephanie Donaghue
Pedro Lloyd Gardiner
Iddon Jones
Yvonne Martin
Theo Ogundipe
Kristal Sisodia

The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts produced a further version of People on the River in June 2016. Venue - The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, London SW18 3SX.

Details of the production are on the alra website.

Director: Gary Sefton.

Phil Grant Reeves
Louise Gemma Kenny
Marina Carla Rose
Nicky Jake Williams
Evan Nathan Warren
Elsa Lauren Bradshaw
Singing Telegram Kelly Blackburn
David Andrew Irving
Guido Tom Wainwright
Greg Tom Wilmot
Roslyn Heather McAlpine


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