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Stage Plays (Page 3)


Plot Synopsis: Beyond the windows of a South Coast boarding house lies a world of violence and pain, a world where a father is passing an inheritance of drunken cruelty onto his son.

Original Production Details
November 1995
Venue: Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court
Director: Jane Howell
Designer: Hayden Griffin

Myrtle Patricia Brake
Kate Stephanie Buttle
Jay Billy Carter
Phoebe Anna Keaveney
Dave Ian Redford


There was a production of Bruises in was by September-October 2006 by Lookatme Productions at Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High Street.
Director: Ishbel Nicol
Producer: James Matthews.

Myrtle Hilary Burns
Kate Abby O’Leary
Jay George Leggat
Phoebe Madeleine Lund
Dave Grahame Edwards

Stealing Souls.

Plot Synopsis: Twilight in Rio. Vince has raging toothache. The dentist arrives, a beautiful woman with huge white teeth... Stealing Souls is a story of lost love and sanguine revenge.

Original Production Details
April 1996
Venue: The Red Room
Director: Shabnam Shabazi
Designer: Roswitha Gerlitz

Vince Tom Marshall
Maria Raquel Cassidy


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