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The Ballad of a Thin Man
The Review Page.

This play was written for Channel Theatre's Village Hall Tour, and so the critical response on this page comes from local papers, and feedback from the audience.

The Cast - from left Sean Buckley, Erica Rogers, Stuart H. Lang, and Annabel Cleare

A CHILLING tale for a wintry night- is gripping audiences throughout Ashford and Shepway.

Channel Theatre Company's darkly humorous play, The Ballad of a Thin Man, tounng Kent, is winning accolades at every venue. The play, by award-winning playwright Judy Upton, was commissioned to mark the 600th anniversary of Chaucer's death. It gives The Pardoner's Tale, part of his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales,. a modern twist.

Actors Stuart H. Lang, Annabel Cleare and Erica Rogers give convincing performances as three young friends, struggling to make a success of an isolated farm they are converting into a sound studio.

The eternal themes of love, greed- and money combine tobring about their downfall, prompted by the arrival of sinister stranger McClaine, played with menace by Sean.Buckley. Director Philip Dart, Channel's artistic director, skilfully combines live action with film footage, revealing the characters' inner thoughts, and keeps audience members on the edge of their seats.  His slick production is complemented by designer Phil Newman's imaginative yet realistic set. Kentish Express 2/3/2000.

The Ballad of a Thin Man

What the press and audience members said:

"Channel Theatre Company's darkly humorous play, The Ballad of a Thin Man, touring Kent, is winning accolades at every venue".

Sally Yonish, Kentish Express (newspaper review)

"A very watchable play, well conceived and certainly worth seeing. I enjoyed this new play which has a witty twist at the end".

Donald Hollins, Kentish Gazette (newspaper review)

"Just like to say how much we enjoyed your play The Ballad of a Thin Man at the Theatre Royal Margate last night, the acting and story were brilliant."

Pat and Don Price, Margate, Kent (e-mail)

"Congratulations on the excellent production of the "Thin Man" yesterday evening.  The set and special effects, added to the interpretation of the characters by your players, brought an eerie credibility to the story.  The joy of live theatre was really demonstrated by your company."'

Pat New, Upchurch, Kent (e-mail)

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed The Ballad of a Thin Man.  A very well staged and acted production enjoyed by myself, my wife and my children (12 & 14).

Mike Williams, Brook, Kent (e-mail)

"Well done.  We look forward to your next production with as much bated breath as we can muster."

Ian Goodges, Worth, Kent (letter)

"A very clever and well done play; although up-dated, the story has lost none of the wit and bite of Chaucer's tale."

Noreen Salway, Southfleet, Kent (letter)

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