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Sniff Them Out, Brownlow!

Meet the cast of characters from Judy's latest novel.


Brownlow is a rescue dog who has been trained by private detective Sophie Gorrage to use his nose to find lost and stolen pets. The inseparable duo live in Sussex, England but their work sometimes takes them further afield as they track down missing animals.

You’ve reached the office of Brownlow & Gorrage.


On her desk in the Brownlow & Gorrage office, Sophie is trying to work out the whereabouts of a missing cat called Gregory. He’s a cat who has outsmarted the duo on previous occasions. He’ll go missing from home, the pet detectives will be called in to investigate, but while they’re still in the midst of their enquiries, Gregory will turn up looking smug. They’ve no idea where he’s been and he’s certainly not telling.

Rouki Bennett’s Cockers.

Lady Champignon (left) and Mr Merrytrees (right) are two Cocker Spaniels owned by interior design guru Rouki Bennett. When they are dognapped while being exercised by Rouki’s dog walker Carl, Sophie desperately wants to investigate, if Rouki will actually let her, that is.


Bianca the Chihuahua is a TV star and lives with Melissa and Gavin Randall who are animal trainers for TV and Film. She shares their home with numerous other creatures including a lamb called Nylon.


Tasha the Staffie belongs to a rapper called Medalsum. She’s pictured with a bunch of lavender because she and it provide Sophie and Brownlow with a vital clue in the case of missing dogs. That’s after everyone’s taken a sniff of the terrier’s fur. Has she had a bath involving a fancy dog shampoo or recent contact with a common garden shrub?


Shortcake is a West Highland White Terrier who lives in London with Sophie Gorrage’s friend Belle. Sophie and Brownlow join Belle and Shortcake in Battersea Park to go on a protest march..

Sniff Them Out, Brownlow!

‘This is a page turner, which I recommend, especially for those readers who love animals.’ Carol Westron, Promoting Crime Blogspot.

‘Judy Upton has created an engaging whodunit with her trademark blend of drama and humour. A thoroughly enjoyable read!’ Gill Kaye, Ingenu/e Magazine.

See Judy's publishers: https://www.hobartbooks.com/product-page/sniff-them-out-brownlow for more details

The second Brownlow novel is also now available. Check out Brownlow Checks In by following the link.

Also available is Judy's debut crime novel "Out of the Frying Pan".

‘A light-hearted crime thriller set in Brighton. Great fun.’ - Jayne Angus, Yours Magazine

‘A crime novel with a difference! Wonderful, it makes a refreshing change.’ - Anne Pritchard, Number 9 Blogspot

‘Written with a great deal of warmth and wit, this light-hearted crime thriller jaunts along at a good pace with the perfect balance of scene-setting and action’. - Gill Kaye, Ingenu/e Magazine

'Witty, observant, self-deprecating, very funny, full of subversive glee, with its own moral field. I'd put nothing past this extremely gifted writer.'  - Simon Jenner, Fringe Review.

Further details of both novels are also on the Judy's books page.

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