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Judy's Radio and TV Drama.

TV Drama.

All In The Mind.

Original Broadcast: BBC1 - 19th May 2006

A 15 minute original drama for BBC1's 'Brief encounters' strand.

Synopsis: Can Amy really hear what people are thinking or is it all in her mind?
The drama starred Colin Buchanan, John Enthoven, Kate Miles, and Raji James.

Judy has had the following plays produced by Radio 4.


The Bulbul Was Singing.

Synopsis: Laura (Rebecca Humphries) is a young British woman who's been fighting with the Kurds against Isis. Now she's back in the UK, she finds herself charged with terrorism offences. By Judy Upton.

Director Emma Harding.

Laura Rebecca Humphries
Ariman Shaniaz Hama Ali
Dad Paul Hickey
Jonas Jonny Holden
Instructor Saya Zahawi
D I Kent Catherine Cusack
PC Miller Shaun Mason
Serena Debbie Korley
Custody Assistant Chris Pavlo

LISTEN HERE:   https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007qbk

Jelly Babes.

Synopsis: Resourceful mum Shanice is persuaded by her next-door neighbour, Evie, to take up the bizarre sport of jelly wrestling to make ends meet in this BBC Radio 4 'Afternon Play'. Becky, AKA 'Azaria The Amazon', shows Shanice the ropes, and she is soon wowing the rowdy stag night audiences with her slams and smackdowns. By night she's bikini clad 'Alice Malice', by day she's mum to gymnastics-mad Alex and a devoted daughter to her disabled, ex-army dad. When these two worlds threaten to collide, it reawakens a painful episode from Shanice's childhood which threatens to tear apart her cherished family life and leads to a show-down with the father she adores.

Transmission: April 13th 2011.
Director: Gemma Jenkins.

Shanice Sally Orrock
Becky Nadine Marshall
Evie Jane Whittenshaw
Club Manager David Seddon
Shaniceís Dad Sam Dale
Alex Ryan Watson
Tomís Dad Henry Devas

The Man Inside The Suitcase.

Transmission: May 20th 2009.
Producer/Director: Gemma Jenkins.

Synopsis: Two friends attend auctions of unclaimed airline luggage hoping to find designer clothes to sell on the internet, involving themselves in the precarious business of other people's private lives.

Helen Claudie Blakley
Naomi Victoria Hamilton
Katie Lizzy Watts
Paul Matt Addis
auctioneer Stephen Hogan
Sarah Janice Acquah
John Malcolm Tierney
station guard Paul Rider
Dave Philip Fox


Transmission: April 5th 2005
Director: Claudine Toutoungi.

Synopsis: Daisy remembers a day, twenty one years ago, that has had far reaching emotional consequences for her. On that morning, aged seven, she woke up and her mother wasnít there. Now Daisy has discovered the man that her mother spent that 'lost' day with. She hopes he can give her some answers

Daisy Raquel Cassidy
Alan Alan Williams
Freddie Nicholas Boulton
Young Daisy Jessica Crossley

Alien Sister.

Transmission: 21st September 2001
Director: Mark Brickman
Produced by: Marilyn Imrie
A Catherine Bailey Limited production for BBC Radio Four

Synopsis: Connor is a computer-obsessed 14-year-old who surfs the net, contacting fellow geeks about crop circles, conspiracies and aliens. Connor's convinced that his sister Lucy is an alien. Lucy disappeared when she was 13 and has turned up four years later, very much changed. With the help of a friend's chemistry set and some Russian interrogation techniques, gleaned off the internet, Connor sets out to prove his bizarre theory. 

Connor Joel Samuels
Lucy Laura Sadler
Coach Duncan Preston
Hippy Tessa Peake-Jones
Jared Frankie Carson
Rhys Jessie Harris
Newsreader, email voices, supermarket cashier and narrator Jon Glover

Long Time Man.

Transmission: 27 November 1997
Director: Jonquil Panting

Scott Paul Higgins
Donna Di Botcher
Mary Leda Hodgson
Melanie Alison Pettitt
Teacher/ Nadine/ Therapist Rachel Atkins
Chantal/ Shop Assistant Sarah Rice
Mr. Harwood Iwan Thomas
Prison Officer 1/ Con 2/ Husband John Rowe
Con 1/ Prison Officer 2 Anthony Ofoegbu
Slaney/ Mr Philips Gerald McDermott
Courier/ Boyle/ Postman/ Shopkeeper Alastair Danson
Headmistress/Clea/Woman 1/Wife/ Female Motorist Carolyn Jones

Production Assistant: Emma Mayhew
Sound Engineers:
Keith Graham----- Panel
Colin Guthrie----- grams
Charlie Hume----- spot

Tissue Memory.

Transmission: Saturday, 11th October 1997 - 11pm
Part of the Fear on Four season.
Director: David Blount
Anna Rachel Atkins
Paul Kim Wall
Mark Gerard McDermott
Doctor Brayfield John Rowe
Sally Carolyn Jones 

Other Audio Drama.

August 2016:  'Wagger' and 'Late For Finals' - two half hour audio plays were produced and directed by Simon Moorhead.

Late For Finals.

Synopsis: Students Chloe and Ella are having a major panic. They havenít had time to revise for their Forensic Science Finals Ė which suddenly they realise, are only days away. Naturally itís not their fault. Thereíve when been so many more urgent things to do, like playing beach volleyball, drinking rum cocktails and posting embarrassing photos of unfortunate occurrences in taxis. Besides everyone cheats in their exams donít they? You just buy the exam paper off the Internet. What can possibly go wrong?


Synopsis: Camille and her husband Ian adopt Wagger as a guard dog. Unfortunately, although he is huge with big teeth, Wagger is soppy and affectionate to everyone. Heís far more likely to drown an intruder in drool than attack them. What Camille needs is a dog that will keep her safe from her stalker when Ian is working nights. Itís time to teach an old dog some new tricks. Though new tricks can sometimes have unexpected consequences.

The following fifteen minute play was produced for Theatre of the Mind's Eye.

Tortoiseshell And White.

Transmission: Ocean City Radio, Plymouth. Friday, 20th January 2023. 5pm and 9pm.

Synopsis: 'Bus driver Becky's online romance with an American soldier keeps her spirits up, but is he too good to be true?'

Becky Tracey Powell
Jack Nigel Billing

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