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Team Spirit

Plot Synopsis: Tania Travers is a strong, independent yachtswoman favourite to win a prestigious race single-handed between Plymouth and Halifax Nova Scotia in the yacht, Team Spirit. On shore, Tania's boyfriend and her sponsors are manically choreographing the newspapers, TV, radio and internet into a frenzy ensuring that her achievement is a talking point across the world.

Out in the Atlantic though, the constant stream of emails, phone calls, and faxes is becoming intrusive, and the 24 hour webcam has turned Team Spirit into a floating Big Brother.

A storm in the Atlantic tests Tania to her limits. She comes through battered but still in the lead - then comes a faint Mayday call over the radio. Another boat is in trouble. Should she risk her lead and go to help? She can't ignore a cry for help - lives might depend on her, but will Tom ever forgive her if she sacrifices their boat, their dreams and bankrupts them by being a hero?

Original Production Details (for The Young Company, Plymouth).
July 2002
Venue: Theatre Royal Plymouth
Steve Marmion and David Prescott
Set Design: Kate Lyons-Miller

Lighting Design:
Symon Harner
Sound Design:
Matt Dando
Costume Design: Cheryl Hill and Dina Hall

Anne Becky Allen
Technical Support Lizz Casey
Camerawoman Hannah Clarke
Tania Alice Curtis Rose
Ronny Clark Earl
Tom Matthew Gammie
Atlantic Patrol Lauren Gordon
Joel Carl Griffiths
Jayne Stephanie Heardson
Stuart Lee Stapleton
Lucas Grant Walker
Philippe Justin Ward
Jake Tom Harris


2018 Production.

WCTT YAC Act Two presented a new production of  TEAM SPIRIT Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th (including matinee).

Directed by Katie Turner-Halliday
Assistant Director - Dinos Psychogios
Set & Costume Designer - Charlotte Cooke
Assistant Designer - Joyce Zhang
Lighting Designed and operated by Dan Munro
Stage manager - Dylan Smith

Filmed inserts directed by Daniel Ramsden

YAC Administrator - Katie Turner-Halliday
WCTT Creative Projects Producer - Andrew Alty


Tania: Artianna Saragih
Lucas: Dylan Miles
Tom: Oskar Leith
Melanie: Sophie Dormer
Jayne: Leah Guerrero-Thripp
Ronny: Ben Fenocchi
Anne: Salome Janiashvili
Stuart: Caleb Cura
Mother: Sabrina Dahl Laid
Young Tania: Abigail Armitage
Joel: Josh Crookes
Jake: Sara Rana
Phillipe: Calum Thorne
Father: Hadi Uteem
Doctor: Eliott Jude Swan
Atlantic Patrol: Sophie Dormer
Tech Support: Eliott Jude Swan
Chorus: Fleur Williams, Joseph Walsh, Molly Browne, Reeve Fletcher, Sienna Chadzynski

Recorded sections:
Phone messages: Abigail Armitage
Newsreporter: Hadi Uteem
Canadian reporter: Abigal Armitage

Grandma was a Mermaid/A Colourful Journey.

Plot Synopsis: A fisherman's daughter called Talia is swept up in a violent storm that floods her village. She thinks she hears eerie voices calling her name through the wind and rain, before she is rescued by soldiers and taken up to the fort. Talia goes to sleep in a safe, dry room, but wakes up on board a merchant ship with the captain barking orders at her! The sailors tell her she has fallen victim to a press gang, but before she has time to come to terms with her new life, the ship is attacked by pirates led by the notorious Mary Bonny. When Talia refuses to become a pirate she is cut adrift in a leaking boat. Again she hears those eerie voices calling her, before discovering that they belong to mermaids who have come to her aid. But the Mermaid Queen has a further surprise in store for Talia, a surprise that requires her to make a big decision about her own future.

A musical for L'Ouverture Trust.
Original Production Details
August 2005/August-September 2006
Venue: George Wood Theatre,
Goldsmiths College, London.
Book by Judy Upton
Songs by William and Marie South
Creative Director and Producer: Ken Breinburg

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