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Gaby goes Global.

Plot Synopsis: Judy takes a wry and mischievous look at the benefits system, and the world of fine art. Gaby is a downtrodden employment advisor at the Benefit Delivery Centre (aka the Job Centre). She tries to get rich by promoting the struggling artists who sign on. But it is Gaby who grabs all the attention - with the sort of exposure she hadn't bargained for...

Original Production Details
February 2009
New Wimbledon Theatre
Kirrie Wratten
Designers: Nick Somerville and Becky Warrilow

Lighting Designer:
Jacob Mason-Dixon
Sound Designer :
Nela Brown

Gaby Lynda Newbury
Matt Samuel Collings
Jed Joel Mellinger
Debra Corin Campbell Hill
Larry Paul Coldrick
Kay Abigail Longstaffe
Marjorie Jennie Lathan

Gaby is an employment advisor looking after Job Seekers. She is transferred for temporary cover from the Worthing to the Brighton office, where she is surprised to find so many unemployed artists. Seeing a marketing opportunity, Gaby works with a group of artists to their mutual advantage. However she doesn't plan for the full devious nature and entrepreneurial extremes of some of the group and without her knowledge she becomes an overnight worldwide celebrity.

A new version of Gaby goes Global was  produced at the New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, Brighton, on 613 November 2010, directed by Ian Black.

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