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The movie version of Judy's play (Winner of the George Devine Award - 1994). 

The film was produced by Open Road and Matador Pictures. The film directed by Bob Blagden, was shot in Brighton and London from 25 February 2002. It was premiered at the Brighton Film Festival.

Director Bob Blagden
Screenplay Judy Upton
Producer Andrew Holmes
Co-producer Nigel Thomas
Executive Producers

Peter Watson-Wood

Liam Badger

Backed by The Cirrus Film Partnerships

Synopsis: Hayley's gang of 14 year-old riot girls are on the rampage, mugging young male tourists on Brighton's sea-front. Hayley is half-adolescent and half-woman, as raw and violent as any male counterpart, and just as calculating. Hayley is determined that they will escape their poverty, their crumbling families and dead end prospects by stealing enough money to leave Brighton. The gang thinks she wants to go to London. But secretly Hayley has almost saved up enough money to take them to Bali, a tropical paradise full, she imagines, of beautiful, androgynous young men. Here she and the gang will find the happiness they crave.

When Hayley sees Daniel, a young detective, arresting a robbery suspect she is transfixed. Charismatic, handsome, tough, but also strangely vulnerable, he personifies her desires. She falls in love and lust. She must have him at any cost.

Main Cast



Nick Moran


Lara Belmont


Victoria Scarborough


Beccy Armory

Anna Sarah French Ellis
Lauren Jessica Harris

Daniel Ryan


Visit the Ashes and Sand Media gallery, for some great stills from the shoot.

You can watch the Ashes and Sand trailer at https://youtu.be/_LFIfJqCTnI

Release Details


The film had a cinematic release in various countries including Australia, and is now available on DVD overseas. Illustrated are the Italian DVD (as "Fourteen, un anno dopo"), and the cool Romanian cover. UK and US DVD release is expected shortly.

See the official Ashes and Sand film site for further details, and some great stills from the shoot. 

Matador Pictures



Synopsis: It's 1925 and the most exciting and dangerous thing a girl can do is drive in the 24 hour race at Le Mans...
This new full length screenplay had a rehearsed reading at The Hospital, Endell Street, Covent Garden, London, on October 10th 2005, directed by Peter Kosminsky. The evening was chaired by Duncan Kenworthy.

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