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Dicken's Got Talent.
The Media Gallery.

A Circus show for all the family by Judy Upton

Original Production Details
31st July - 5th August 2010, and 14th-19th August 2010
Venue: Dicken's World, Rochester
Tish Garland
Featuring the amazing Circus of Light.

Plot Synopsis: Tiny Tim needs to win to feed his family, Little Dorrit needs to win to get her dad out of prison, but when that old miser Scrooge is the chief judge, with a bullying Bill Sikes and the over botoxed Miss Havisham on the panel, just about anything could happen. Thrills, spills, laughter and a ghost!

The Compere - Artful Dodger The Chief Judge - Scrooge The Nasty Judge- Bill Sikes (with dog)

A scary judging panel to impress.

Lady Dedlock (from Bleak House) - Angle-grinding

Mr Pickwick and his fire act.

Little Dorrit showing off her aerial skills.

Miss Havisham is alive!

Tiny Tim Singing.

Little Dorrit performing


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