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JUDY wins national script-writing competition

‘My imprisoned heart’ premiered at Edinburgh

January 2007. Judy has won the national Make Your Mark in Film scriptwriting competition for ‘My Imprisoned Heart’. Singled out by judges as a clear favourite, Judy takes home a prize of £3,000, and will also see her film put into production and premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007.

The judging panel included Franc Roddam, director of six major feature-films including cult film Quadrophenia, script consultant Roger Smith and City University Creative Writing MA course director and academy winner, Chris Fallon. The brief was to write a script around the theme of ‘Having an idea and making it happen’ that could be made into ten episodes, which will be made by 18-30 year olds within ten regional production teams.

‘My Imprisoned Heart’ is the story of a spurned woman, who uses her talent as a performance artist to eke revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Judge Chris Fallon wrote, "At the heart of it is a dangerously unstable woman who believes she is in love and that her pain justifies any action, no matter how extreme. And she finds that she lives and works in a culture that actively promotes and rewards this kind of madness."

Make Your Mark in Film is a collaboration between the national Make Your Mark campaign, which aims to encourage enterprise in the widest possible sense among young people, and Cobra Beer’s innovative short film competition CobraVision, which supports new screenwriting talent.

The Make Your Mark in Film competition now enters its second phase where teams of 18-30 year olds will compete to become one of ten production teams in regions across the UK, to each produce a five-minute episode of ‘My Imprisoned Heart’.

To read the winning script, and for further details of how to enter the film making competition, please go to www.makeyourmarkinfilm.org

The project also has an interesting and informative blog with production photos. Or you can look at individual entries for Liverpool and Belfast.

Update September 2007

Judy's new 50 minute film 'My Imprisoned Heart' received it's world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival at the Cameo Cinema on August 22nd 2007. Judy won the first stage of the competition, to write a 10-episode screenplay, which was launched at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film had its first screening in London on Saturday September 22nd at the Apollo Cinema, near Piccadilly Circus.

To view 'My Imprisoned Heart' and vote for your favourite episode, visit: www.lovefilm.com

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