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Ashes and Sand.
The Media Gallery - Page 2.
Half Moon Theatre Company Production 2002.

Hayley's gang of teenage riot girls are on a lust-or-bust rampage in their tired seaside town. Enter a young, hands-on policeman, Daniel, who owns a room full of women's shoes.

Daniel and Hayley share a desire for danger, sexual release and the need to fulfil their dreams. How will they solve the confusion between lust and love, violence and tenderness in this cynical world?

On this page are some photographs from a production of Ashes and Sand by the Half Moon Theatre Company in Tokyo, Japan. The play was translated and directed by Masaharu Yoshiiwa.

The company have previously produced plays by the likes of Pinter and Caryl Churchill. Ashes and Sand was proformed at he Shimokitazawa Geki Shogekijoh in July 2002. They have a website at http://www.halfmoon-jp.com 


Soh Nozawa as Daniel



(left): Lauren (Yukiko Satoh) gets to grips with Daniel.
(right): Hayley (Yui Yamazaki) and Jo (Aya Katagami)


The Gang (left to right): Yukiko Satoh, Yuka Kaibara, Yui Yamazaki, Aya Katagamira.


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